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Benchtops Southwestern Victoria - Granite Transformations Warrnambool

Welcome to Granite Transformations Warrnambool !!!

Call the local bloke Mick Bottrell with 28 years experience - The Benchtops Specialists !!!

 Before you accept a quote on your new solid benchtops, ask your Cabinetmaker " Is it scratch, heat, stain and impact resistant?" We offer a 10 year warranty on all of our beautiful Italian engineered stone surfaces. Granite Transformations service the Warrnambool and surrounding areas.

Our surfaces contain 95% natural granite, quartz and other semi-precious materials, making them the most durable surfaces of their kind. Remember, that not all solid surfaces are created equal. Our exclusive product range can only be obtained through licensed Granite Transformations outlets, keeping the quality of workmanship to it's highest possible standard.

Our unique surfaces enable hot saucepans to be placed directly onto the tops without any signs of scorching or melting, as there is no acrylic/plastic contained within the surface.

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Granite Transformations Warrnabool


210 Illowa Road, Dennington, Victoria 3280


Michael Bottrell


03 5565 9016

03 5565 9136

0408 529 496

Benchtops Southwestern Victoria

There are many advantages of transforming your kitchen with a Granite Transformations here are few:

Our products are heat, scratch  and stain resistant.

Unique and innovative product line in a range of a beautiful colours.

They are functional and extremely durable surfaces.

Our unique products and process saves you time and money.

There is little demolition required so therefore little mess to clean up afterwards.

Our Projects in considerably less time than other methods.

They are maintenance free with no grout to clean.

Our Products come with a 10 year warranty

Benchtops Southwestern Victoria - Benchtops  Warrnambool


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Call Granite Transformations Warrnambool - The Benchtops Specialists !!!

 Granite Transformations Warrnambool

 Bechtops Southwestern Victoria - Benchtops Warrnambool

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Southwestern Victoria - Warrnambool

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